OIPA is a member of CAIW


The Canadian Association of Insurance Women

 Formed in 1966, CAIW is a national association of insurance professionals. CAIW focuses on education, networking, and personal development of individuals affiliated with the insurance industry, both directly and indirectly. CAIW provides insurance professionals with a forum to showcase their dedication to the consumer and the industry through programmes such as the Insurance Information Campaign. 

In 1981, CAIW expanded its mandate, through the Insurance Information Campaign, to include educating the public about general insurance. Each year, CAIW member associations across Canada promote the positive aspects of the Insurance Industry.


Our History

CAIW was formed in 1966. Original membership consisted of representative associations from Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Saint John, Toronto, Windsor, and Winnipeg.


Our Mission

 Our Mission: To preserve and enhance the value of our member Associations through education, networking and the fostering of personal growth. 

Annual Awards are presented at convention.

CAIW Awards